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What our customer say about Vermont Culinary Vacations!

I decided to pick a day to cook and told everyone they had to meet my schedule. To entice them, I made the gnocchi. Let me tell you, I really miss that 10-foot long marble table. I had to roll out on a curve to fit into my limited workspace. (I also had to buy a potato ricer - not that easy to find in Brighton). The gnocchi came out great - very light. I bought some Parmigiano Reggiano and introduced the family to the joys of microplaning. They very much appreciated the effort in duplicating the recipe.

This past week, I made the apple pie (which uses - joy of joys - lemon zest). The crust came out just as good as before and I have been told I can never buy another crust again. I've also been told I have to make a pie for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Martin Luther King Day, and Guy Fawkes Day (we celebrate British holidays when advantageous).

My next planned recipe will be the almond cookies. Eventually, I will search for grey salt, almond meal, and someone who keeps chickens in their backyard (I found kuri squash).

I really enjoyed my time with all of you. I hope our paths will cross again. Thank you again, Deborah, for providing such a wonderful experience. John, Boston

I spent most of the day shopping, bolstering the local economy. Found a nifty restaurant supply company and got lots of containers for things like chicken-in-salt-water overnight and a compost container, plus also containers for sugar and flour and so forth. The best part was hitting a major sale on baking sheets -- heavy duty half-sheets were only $6.50 each -- outrageous! Also succeeded in finding celtic sea salt, madagascar vanilla, panko, and a few other novelties we discovered in Vermont. David, North Carolina

I have just arrived home after my flight back to UK. I am missing you lots but am happy to hear that everyone has been putting our learning into practice (or rather incredibly delicious sounding meals).

None of you mentioned the washing up - I guess nothing can top our dancing approach?!

Thanks to you all for making my vacation so special and memorable. Jo, London, England

Made the Popil... (the meatballs) and the risotto tonight with a green salad. For the meatballs I added a salsa crudo with tomatoes, lemon zest , mint, garlic and olive oil.

So funny, the men in my life who were helping with the table setting and salad prep were lost that I was changing the order of our meal and kept wanting to eat their salad first. They liked the meatballs, were so-so on the salsa crudo and liked the risotto. Lisa, Minnesota

I have been making lots of cakes which have turned out well, and have done a few of the recipes a couple of times. My Mum ended up copying some of the recipes too as they loved the dishes I made when I went home! Jo, London, England

Deborah- you just can't imagine how fondly I look back on our week with you in Vermont. Janice and I are on the most strenuous weight loss regime imaginable right now (for example, you are allowed 1 lettuce leaf or 2 radishes with a 3 oz piece of chicken for lunch) so, if nothing else, just thinking about the wonderful foods [not to mention the company] is a thrill. Sandi, Los Angeles

I know you are crazed right now, but I just wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoyed the vacation. I learned so much, and had a great time doing it. In fact, to quote Shari quoting you, It was FABULOUS! In fact, I would never have even considered that I could make stuffed ....pig.... Sue, NJ

I think from now on during the fall I will always think of Vermont and our vacation. It's hard to believe that it has been over a year but I wanted to share with you that I learned so many techniques from you that I use on a daily basis and more importantly I am not afraid to experiment now. I buy new ingredients in the grocery store all the time now and sea salt has become a must have in all my dishes. Our family and friends have benefited through our delicious meals and the little tricks you taught us. The pudding cake was a big hit at our house. Danika, Texas

A couple of other things you will be interested in: We went to Zabars while we were in the city and we both absolutely loved it. I definitely know why people live on the Upper West Side now, Zabars, H&H and Fairway are all within a couple of blocks. I used to think people lived up there because of the access to the park but know I know better and know they live up there b/c of the food! Mom got an industrial size KitchenAid that we will be breaking in for Thanksgiving. Mom has been getting rave reviews at home, she has been incorporating some of the techniques you taught us. Danika, Texas

Thanks again for opening your home to us and being such a gracious hostess. Diane, Alabama

Iíve attached the photo of us at Burdickís Chocolate. It was a pleasure spending the week with all of you. Keep in touch! Krista, Boston

Your recipes continue to bring me and my family pleasure. We have enjoyed the lemon chicken, radiatorre, salad dressing, spiced nuts and several wonderful pizzas Martha, Wisconsin

I want you to know that this was worth every penny! Pat, Florida