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The 2016 Season

Each culinary vacation features eight in-depth, hands-on cooking classes, an olive oil tasting and a salt tasting as well as excursions devoted to visiting local craftspeople and artisanal farmers. In each vacation, we'll cook in the wood-fired oven and/or on the grill; we'll work with local milk making fresh cheese; and we'll create great multi-course meals filled with dishes you'll want to make at home. All ingredients are organic, local and seasonal, and guests will have a chance to meet many of the farmers who produce the ingredients we cook with. Everyone will leave with a forty recipe repertoire of new dishes they'll be proud to cook for family and friends, along with useful skills and an in-depth understanding of ingredients and processes.

$2850 per person, includes all meals, classes, local travel.

Before every vacation, guests are asked what foods they love, what foods they dislike, if they have any food allergies, and if there are techniques they most want to learn. The cookbook and menus for that vacation are then further customized to honor such requests. 

Scandinavian Summer Solstice
June 17 - 22

An exploration of Scandinavian foodways, using the wild and cultivated bounty of Vermont. We'll make open faced sandwiches on our own seed and nut bread, smoke our own cheese, drink elderflower cordials, and cook meat on the grill. We'll hay-smoke fish, make our own gravlox, and try our hand at some classic desserts. We'll celebrate the evening of the Solstice as they do in Denmark, with a feast and a bonfire.

Last Days of Summer
September 2-7 (includes the three day Labor Day weekend)

Using the wide array of summer fruits and vegetables in this last harvest season, we'll cook wonderful full-flavored dishes from across the Mediterranean. We'll make pasta and gnocchi from scratch, along with our own ricotta and wood-fired pizza. We'll flash-roast meats and fish, and slow cook tomatoes into a meltingly good bruschetta topping, We will make winter desserts, like a warm chocolate cake that makes it own frosting, as well as a ginger pumpkin pie.

Vermont in Color
October 14-19

See Vermont's hills ablaze with color as we cook our way through the harvest dishes of the season, using food traditions from across the Mediterranean. We'll make wonderful full-flavored dishes such as: Winter Squash Soup with Pimenton and Cinnamon, Roast Pork stuffed with Fennel Paste, Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Sauce, and Pasta with Walnut Sauce, celebrating the harvest and the cold season to follow.

Holiday Bootcamp
November 4,5,6

Back by popular demand: a special three day vacation for those who want to polish their holiday cooking skills. We'll roast a whole turkey and a big stuffed beef, lamb or pork roast, explore side dishes such as cream-braised caramelized brussels sprouts, and a silky parsnip puree with nutmeg and creme fraiche. For dessert, we'll make apple, pumpkin and pecan pies; we'll roast and candy nuts and make some food gifts like cranberry chutney to take home, and we'll close with a festive meal that ends with a Yule Log cake surrounded by meringue mushrooms. $1500/per person


Custom vacations available on request

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