Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Typical Session

Typical Session:

Day 1: Friday

3-4 pm Arrive at barn
Artisanal cheese tasting
Olive oil tasting
Aperitif and dinner at barn

Day 2: Saturday

Visit to Farmer’s Market and local purveyors
Picnic lunch in one of three outstanding private gardens we’ll visit that day
Back to barn for cooking class
Aperitif and dinner at barn


Day 3: Sunday

Breakfast with our own maple syrup and local smoked bacon
All day cooking classes with lunch
Late afternoon: meet artisanal cheesemakers
Dinner at barn

Day 4: Monday

Bread and pastry class
Wood fired pizza lunch
Continuing class
Dinner at barn

Day 5: Tuesday

Visit to glassblowers/potters
Restaurant lunch
Afternoon visit to Woodstock, VT
Tour specialty foods supplier
Dinner at barn

Day 6: Wednesday

Recipe review and discussion