Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

What We Cook


Each vacation comes with a unique custom cookbook, and features hands-on cooking of dishes that are inspired by Mediterranean food traditions, and vary with the growing season. We cook with local, farm fresh organic produce, and use pastured eggs, meat and poultry. Special dietary requests are always met, including gluten free and vegetarian needs.


In May, we’ll cook dishes that showcase the tender roots and shoots just coming into season. We’ll make such dishes as a Provencal fish soup with garlic shoots, a lunch time salad of baby vegetables and young beet greens, and we’ll flash-roast asparagus and serve it with balsamic vinegar and thin curls of Parmesan cheese. We’ll serve local soft cheeses on our own just-harvested grape leaves with red raspberries and tiny wild strawberries, and we’ll slow cook meat or poultry over an aromatic wood fire. We’ll also create cooling summer soups, a risotto of spring vegetables, a memorable lemon chicken with lots of fresh herbs, and a pasta primavera, along with such desserts as a chocolate marzipan cake and anise-flavored cookies.


We will make great dishes from across the Mediterranean that are at their best in hot weather. These include such delights as savory cheesecakes, or a sformato (mold) of chilled rice and wild tuna; we'll cook on the grill and make an extraordinary olive oil and herb marinated spatchcocked chicken, and we'll create a variety of great thin crust pizzas using the wood-fired oven. We'll also make a rolled and herb-stuffed roast to serve at room temperature, as well as such outstanding desserts as a flourless chocolate almond cake and a Sicilian ricotta cake.